About Us

A Few About


SHOROOK AL-DOHA INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO Was founded in 2006 as a proficient trader and service provider for various portable industrial and construction equipment such as generators power tools plate compactors cement vibrator air compressors water pumps etc.
We are the agent and dealersfor mny types of electric generators in petrol, deasel and kerosene engine such as elemax, Honda, Fuji Deluxe, Astra Korea, Eagle, Erma, locin, Black smith, Hansa, kama, Ratio and RME Geenrators
Pump Sets are one of our main main line of business of all range from 1/2'' to 6'' engine and electric run water pumps from different well-known and international brands susch as Honda Koshin and Robin etc. in addition to that we have more than a decade experiance in dealing in construction equipment and our company is the agent for hisaki products Exen, plant, Toku Etc including flexible concrete vibrator, plate compactors, cement mixer engines, concrete asphait, cutter etc..

Our Mission

Our Mission is to satisfy the customers with quality products, right price and continuous avilability

Our Vision

Our Vision is to maintain SHOROOK AL DOHA as one of the top dealers of portable industrial an dconstruction Equipment in Qatar